What is the most posh way to get the kids to Lacrosse practice?

I am shamelessly a lover of all things posh, and when I had the opportunity to spend some time with new XC90 I was anxious to rekindle my love for the Volvo brand.

Volvos recent design language shared across their Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) is downright stunning. When so equipped with LED headlamps the Thor’s Hammer command the attention of the traffic around. Despite being a drastic change from the outgoing XC90, it is without a doubt a Volvo. 

I had a brief opportunity for some left seat time in both the T6 and T8 (Read: Hybrid) variants and both felt great. A little chatter coming from the twin charged (Turbo and Supercharged) 4 Cylinder which made me miss the Yamaha V8, but only for a moment.  Despite the curb weight of this leather wrapped super computer it always felt nimble. The optional air suspension allowed me to firm things up on demand, something I feel a lot of manufacturers miss the boat on in this segment. 


 The finishes and Materials Volvo has used in this car make you want to live in an XC90 down by the river. The infotainment system is well within ease of reach and quite intuitive to use, although I much prefer at least a few more buttons. 

I’m anxious to spend some more time with the XC90 lineup in the future. Meanwhile give one a peak on your own! 

Matt McIvor likes long walks on the beach, and the smell of diesel fuel. 


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